Message From the Founder

No passport Voice is born from the core of my heart. I am a barrister and a lawyer by profession, a passionate artist and a Professor at Asian University for Women Chattogram . Social work is an avenue I am very passionate about and am ready to explore every side of it through learning, research and collaboration. I believe it is very important to lend a voice to anyone who does not have the means to have one or to be heard. Several years back my sisters Prianka Ahsan, Priya Ahsan and I initiated a campaign in London to help the underprivileged in Bangladesh. My background in Law, International Studies & Diplomacy strengthened my vision towards working for social justice and humanity.

No Passport Voice is rather a very uncommon name to come up with. Whoever I speak to asks me about how I came up with this name. It is simple to explain this. No Passport Voice simply means a voice which does not have to be of a specific race or colour, a voice which does not need to come from a certain background, a voice which does not need a certain passport or border or country or citizenship. It transcends all borders and is bereft of any bias. No Passport Voice is a voice of all and for all. It is a voice which should be heard locally, nationally and internationally.

Since I was very young - as young as I can recall, I have seen my family doing social development work. My father who is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an educationist and a freedom fighter, always tells us that “you should do charity with your right hand and not let the left hand know about it:. I joined a charitable organization in London called Hope for Children at the age of seventeen and since then I have worked in many charitable organizations, local NGOs and social enterprises in London including UNICEF, Hope for Children, Save the Children, Amnesty International, MIND, etc.

No Passport Voice provides all the resources needed for better mental health of women, educational development, personality development, life skills development, assisting victims of domestic violence, educating women and young adults on personal health and hygiene, daily meals, reaching out to a legal counsel, mediation for broken and abusive families, self-defense training for women and school children, therapy and education based on the unique need of each and every crisis. We also work closely in providing support to children whose childhood has been lost and also with differently abled children. We campaign against child labour, bullying, child domestic help and abuse. We also work exclusively for Personality Development and Mental Health issues especially for victims of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating Disorder, maternal and child mental health.

Our goal is to empower every woman and girl, give children their childhood back, and help the victims of domestic violence to heal and restore their health from the trauma inflicted. We want to change the state of affairs of the underprivileged women and children so that their life becomes better and they do not go back to the gloom of their past. We are passionate about empathy and respect. Through our humble work and campaigns, we want to create an entire generation full of empathy, education, sensitivity & respect. We want to transform lives of people through our work and campaigns. We want to empower and inspire.

I call onto everyone to please support the causes of No Passport Voice. Social service is not a responsibility it is rather a gentle duty. I personally call upon you to support us, show us your involvement, volunteer for us, talk for us, join our voice and make generous donations. 100% of all donations would go towards the educational, health and development projects in the rural parts of Bangladesh. We are all in this together and without your help, love and support, we would not succeed in changing lives, seeing happy faces and sparkling eyes.

Love and Light

Thank You